Celebrating 25 years at The Alford

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David & Becky’s stewardship reaches a milestone…

It was in January 1999 that the Salisburys took the keys to The Alford Arms. This January they celebrated 25 years at the helm of Salisbury Pubs. A lovely little pub company that has seen five pubs enjoy the Salisbury magic touch – and all of which continue to trade, very well, to this day.

The Alford is where it started and where you’ll find David and or Becky most days. Since taking over The Alford it has won Herts Dining Pub of the Year for, we think, on at least 18 occasions. With a couple ‘lost’ due to Covid! The pub continues to evolve, even after all these plaudits and all these years.

Friends and family raised their glasses in January to David & Becky – a fitting acknowledgment of the many friendships and marriages that have taken place after meeting at The Alford. Absolutely Hertfordshire caught up with Becky just after the celebrations and asked how The Alford ‘came about’ and what it is really like to work and live with David for the last 25 years!