Allergen Menu


Allergen Menu

Please note this is SAMPLE menu and is subject to change.
We know that not everyone has the same tastes and as well as our menu below we have specific menus for those that require VeganDairy Free or Gluten Free menus. We also have a comprehensive set of Allergen menus, which uses FSA numbering. You can see these menus by clicking on the links in the text or forward them by pressing the EMAIL button above.

GRAIN CONTAINING GLUTEN (2) W=wheat, B=barley, O=oats, R=rye, S=spelt, F=fryer Possible unknown nut contamination=10* Possible unknown shellfish, fish or mollusc contamination=3*, 5* & 8*

Please ask for help with any allergies


Today’s soup with crusty bread (nv) £6.25 (1,2WBRO,7,10*,12,14)
Rustic breads with slow-roast garlic, Chiltern rapeseed oil and balsamico (nv) £5.25 (2WBRO,10*,12,14)
Salt ’n pepper squid with chilli jam £7.75 (2F,3*,5*,8,14)
Boxty sweet potato cake with crispy halloumi and sweetcorn and chilli salsa (v) £7.25 (2WF,4,7,14) =
Charred Cornish wild sea bass fillet with grapefruit, green olives, courgettes and black olive oil £8.50 (3*,4*,5,7*,8*,14)
Crispy pig cheeks with apple purée, crispy shallots and pickled celery £7.75 (1,2WF,4,14)
Wobbly Bottom Farm goat’ cheese and chive croquette with red pepper ketchup (v) £6.75 (1,2WF,4,7,9,14)
Bubble and squeak with oak smoked bacon, free range poached egg and hollandaise sauce £7.75/£13.75 (2F,4,7,14)


Potash Farm free range coq au vin with creamy mash and curly kale £18.75 (1,7,14)
Pan-roast bream fillet with parsley and lemon cous cous, braised chicory and salsa verde £19.50 (2W,3*,5,8*,9,14)
Cauliflower and celeriac cheese with Oxford Blue and oat crumble and sticky red cabbage (nv) £13.75 (1,2OW,4,7,9,10*,14)
Grilled Cornish pollock with seaweed and pink pepper butter, sea salt baked new potatoes and sprout tops £19.75 (3*,5,7,8*)
Ledgemore Farm lamb, leek and rosemary suet pudding with French-style peas £18.50 (1,2W,7,14)
Chilli roast butternut squash superfood salad with pomegranate, quinoa and lentils (v) £12.75 (9,14) ... add sautéed chorizo £2.25 (7)
Today’s locally made free range pork sausages (please see specials menu) £13.25 (1,2W,7,14)
Indian-spiced Bucksum pumpkin with onion bhajis, chard sag aloo, mint yoghurt and fennel chutney (v) £14.25 (2F,7,9,14)
Char-grilled aged 10oz English rib-eye steak with slow-roast garlic and parsley butter, rocket and skinny chips £26.75 (2WF,7,9,14)


Warm dark chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce, honeycomb and roast white chocolate £7.75 (2W,4,7,13)
Spiced apple and pear crumble with vanilla custard £6.75 (4,7)
Baked coconut rice pudding with mango and mint salsa £6.75
Blackberry posset with polenta shortbread £7.25 (2W,7)
Lemon meringue pie with mascarpone ice cream £7.75 (2W,4,7)
Homemade sorbets (apple, pear, lime) £5.75 Homemade ice cream (honeycomb, strawberry, mascarpone) £6.00 (4,7)

British cheese plate with seeded crackers and red onion chutney (n) £9.50 (2WBO,7,10*,12,13,14)

Affogato espresso and vanilla ice cream £5.00 (4,7)