Wild Garlic season

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It’s all about the wild garlic…

If we have a quiet half hour and you would like to know what we do with that time, then read on…………. because we love to forage.

It is the most relaxing and rewarding time you can have. Enjoying nature as it should be, lots of fresh air, the dog scampering about and the huge bonus of picking various herbs and flowers you really will not see in your supermarket: Jack by the Hedge, Wood Sorrel, Nettles, Three Cornered Leek, Dandelions, Ground Elder, Yarrow and of course our beloved Wild Garlic to name a few.

Wild garlic comes into season in March (depending on our lovely British weather!) and lasts through to May if you’re lucky. It is just the most versatile herb to use in your cooking. It doesn’t have the harshness you associate with regular garlic and, unless you are consuming commercial quantities, your ability to kiss your partner without them re-coiling remains!

Our best-loved dish using local wild garlic is risotto: Shred it thinly and add at the end to just about any other flavours (Spring veg, butternut squash, roast Jerusalem artichoke) and it will add a fresh, zingy note to your favourite supper.

If you’re new to foraging, then we suggest Wild Food UK, as a great starting point. Before you know it, you’ll have filled half your bookshelves with knowhow and recipe books on the tastiest ingredients from our forests and hedgerows. Your cupboards will be groaning with pestos, pickles and fermentations and, like us, you’ll find yourself espousing the benefits of a more outdoor life.

WARNING: All we ask is that you never, ever, ever pick anything you are not entirely sure about and that you follow the country code and only take what you need, whilst leaving no trace behind. Thanks x