Our Ethos


Who would run a pub? Well, truth be told, we would. It’s what we do – what we’ve always wanted to do. Bring the pubs of fond memory into the light once more. So we searched the highways and (often forgotten) byways of the Chilterns to create our little born-again boozer.

Unsung little gems, ready for a new start. And although our pub may be a tad harder to find than most, people find their way; from first-time visitors and the fine diners to the regulars and locals who call us home. Our pub is for everyone – you may even have to step over a dog or two on your way to the bar. This is how it has always been and how we like it.

So what makes us different, we hear you say? It really is quite simple: if we can, we will! Just ask and we will bend over backward to help you enjoy every second you spend with us. All you have to do is ask…

“If we don’t know who grew it, or where they grew it, we just don’t use it…”

Local Community

A great pub is more than a building that serves food and drink. For us, it’s a place where everyone feels welcome and that means getting involved: like supporting the Mighty Gad CC (Little Gaddesden Cricket Team) or being on the emergency phone list for those that might need it. But it is also about having staff who live close by, doing the milk run in the snow and staying at the centre of village life – The Alford is the hub, but the heart is the people inside.

Fresh, Local Ingredients

An award-winning pub doesn’t just happen. First, you have to find (and keep!) a team of great chefs and give them the freedom to create proper food in tune with the seasons. We do give them a bit of a head start though, by working with some of the best producers to be found across these verdant Chiltern Hills. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too hard to find small, passionate and hard working farmers/smallholders who offer the best of animal husbandry and class act fruit and vegetables.
Check out our local page for more info…


With our wonderful GM, James at the helm, the Alford is a haven for locals and a home from home for visitors. He is never more comfortable than hosting the bar on a Friday night and is ably helped by our deputy manager, Charlotte plus Ellen and Kate, who round out the front of house management team. Being busy is what they like, that and a bit of banter as they help you get settled in.

They like smiling too. Smiling is good – good for you and good for them. A warm welcome is as good as a perfect Sunday roast – so why not have both? Greet our happy crew with a cheerful hello and they will respond with your heart’s desire. It’s an age-old equation – and it works.

This is what we do. And we love it.