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Potash Farm Foods


Free-range chickens are sold via local farm shops and farmers markets. Eggs all year, and free-range Bronze Turkeys are a traditional slow-growing breed that love to roam free around their orchard and fields. The Mead family has been farming in the Chilterns since 1860.


Distance from the pub
12.29km / 7.63 mi

Native Beef & Lamb

Beef and Lamb

Jonathan and Laura farm on the Hertfordshire / Buckinghamshire borders. They work mostly with Red Ruby Devon cattle, one of Britain’s oldest native breeds. They are famed for the succulence and flavour of their meat, which is tender and well marbled.


Distance from the pub
11.07 km / 6.88 mi

Cheyney Permaculture


Cheyney’s is based at Hill Farm, a working 300 acre arable farm set in the beautiful National Trust estate of Ashridge. Hill Farm is managed using a system called “Conservation Agriculture”, a regenerative way of farming.


Distance from the pub
3.79 km / 2.36 mi

P.E. Mead & Sons


The Mead’s 150 year experience in sustainable agriculture means that only the highest quality rapeseed is used in producing Chiltern Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil.


Distance from the pub
10.92 km / 6.78 mi

Chiltern Heritage Orchard


We are an organic regenerative fruit orchard in the Chiltern Hills, UK Over the past 200 years many species of fruit tree have almost disappeared. We’re on a mission to bring back tasty, versatile and interesting varieties like Bishop’s Thumb, Lewis’s Incomparable, Howgate Wonder and Green Pear of Yair among many, many others.


Distance from the pub
10.24 km / 6.36 mi

Rumblers Farm Shop


This lovely small farm shop provides us with fabulous pumpkins that we use across the pumpkin season. Plus we use their home grown vegetables throughout the year. Well worth a visit!


Distance from the pub
1 km / 0.6 mi


Pulses and Grains

Nick, Josiah and William founded Hodmedod in 2012 to supply beans and other products from British farms. We work with British farms to source a range of top quality ingredients and delicious foods. We’re particularly interested in searching out less well-known foods, like the fava bean – grown in Britain since the Iron Age but now almost forgotten – and black badger peas.


Distance from the pub
160.95 km / 100.01 mi

Culture Bakery


We are an artisan bakery and café, specialising in sourdough and viennoiserie. Bread is perhaps one of our favourite things to eat, and for something that is such a tradition, we employ the traditional baking method of long fermentation. What this means is that each loaf takes two days to make from start to finish using no more than three ingredients: flour, water and salt.


Distance from the pub
9.69 km / 6.02 mi

Godden Butchers


Frank Godden and his wife, Grace, bought a butcher’s shop in Hemel Hempstead High Street and lived above it with their children, Clive, Maurice and Pamela. With all the family involved, the business grew over the decades and now operates from a substantial, purpose-built facility in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, more than 70 years after Frank Godden first began working in the trade.


Distance from the pub
9.02 km / 5.60 mi